Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Moose Hike

   A great hike we have taken is what I like to call “The Moose Hike”.  Why, you ask? Because we have gone on that hike three times and all three times we have seen the Moose. I really believe he is the same one that seems to live and hang out in the same general area seen from the trail. It’s a two mile hike to the lake and two miles back out, which I thought, no problem I can easily do four miles. Well, aaugh, it was a tough four miles. It isn’t maintained and there was a forest fire at that location years ago, so there are many downed burnt trees in the path. So there is a lot of climbing over and crawling under along the way. And the first time my husband and I went, we were not very prepared and we had our dogs. I thought I was gonna die by the time we got back to the truck! So when my son and his girlfriend came out to visit us and then later my sister and brother-and-law came out, we took both sets on the hike. Why, when I thought it was going to kill me the first time? Because of the Moose! Now, it’s known that a moose can be even more dangerous than a bear so you have to be careful and avoid them. Don’t get too close because they could charge you and they are huge. But this guy seemed to be used to people walking by him on the trail so he just watches you walk by. Now he isn’t right next to the trail, he is down in the marshy area below the trail, so you aren’t real close but close enough to get some great pictures with a zoom lens. This trail is up beyond Skalkaho Falls and it ends up at a lake. The lake is visited by fishermen and there was one up there fishing that told us that sometimes while out on a boat fishing, the moose swim right by you. It’s very secluded and you won’t see hardly any people up there, so make sure someone knows where you are going before taking that hike. We saw some wildlife on that trip. On the way up to the hike, off the side of Skalkaho Highway, we saw this cute little mountain goat.
And going back the dirt road closer to the hiking trail, we passed some deer and on the hike passed this deer  
and of course my buddy, the Moose. 
It can be a tough hike but well worth it! My son is coming out to Montana to visit us again this year and told me that he wants to take the Moose hike again. Trying to get in shape so that I can handle it again! Hope we can see our buddy, Mr.Moose again.